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Thông báo đấu thầu

Vietsovpetro has a plan to organize an open international competitive bidding for supplying of CONNECTING MATERIALS FOR PIPELINE PIGGING ACCORDING TO PLAN 2024, BLOCK 09-1 (ITB No. VT-0201/24-KT-CHH).

Vietsovpetro hereby would like to invite all capable bidders to participate the Bidding for this package.

  • Time for selling of Invitation for Bid: is from 26/01/2024 to 09h00, 08/03/2024 (in working hours).
  • Bid closing time:  09h00, 08/03/2024 (local time). Bidding proposal should be delivered to Administration Dept., Vietsovpetro's building, No.105 Le Loi St., Vung Tau City not later than Bid closing time.
  • Interested bidders can buy Invitation for Bid with non-refundable cost of VND 500,000/set (in word: five hundred thousand Vietnam Dong /set).

    Payment for Invitation for Bid shall be made by Telegraphic Transfer to the following Vietsovpetro's account:

    Beneficiary: Vietsovpetro

    Vietcombank, Vung Tau Branch

    Please indicate: Bidder's name, payment for Biding documents - ITB No. VT-0201/24-KT-DA-CHH.
  • Place of Invitation for Bid issue: COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT OF VIETSOVPETRO.

    Add.: 105 Le Loi, Ward Thang Nhi, Vung Tau City, S.R. Viet Nam

    Fax: 84-254-839857, Tel. 84-254-839871/838662 Ext. 2277
  • Bidder's people who comes to Vietsovpetro for getting Invitation for Bid must submit the Original record of payment/cash deposit slip evidencing that the payment for Invitation for Bid have been made by the Bidder to the above mentioned Vietsovpetro's account.
  • Bid Bond: The amount and currency of the Bid Bond shall be:
Bid Bond value/CurrencyVNDUSDEUR
Group 119,497,000810.00729.00
Group 278,811,0003,273.002,946.00
Group 34,638,000193.00174.00
Group 42,673,000111.00100.00
Group 514,587,000606.00546.00
Group 623,879,000992.00893.00
Group 79,057,000377.00340.00
Group 835,535,0001,476.001,329.00
Group 913,215,000549.00495.00
Group 1011,375,000473.00426.00
Group 1129,587,0001,229.001,107.00
Group 12123,158,0005,115.004,604.00
For whole package366,012,00015,204.0013,689.00

If bidder attends the bid for one or more than one Group, the Value and currency of guarantee must be equal to the sum of those below value with respective Groups.

Bid proposal shall be opened publicly at Vietsovpetro's office, No.105 Le Loi St., Vung Tau City within a haft hour after bid closing time and all bidders are invited to participate in the Bid opening at this time.


Thời gian bán HSMT từ : 26/01/2024 2:00:00 CH đến 08/03/2024 9:00:00 SA
Giá hồ sơ: 500.000 VNĐ
Người liên hệ: Cao Huy Hiệp
Hình thức đấu thầu: Rộng rãi quốc tế
Thời gian đóng thầu: 08/03/2024 9:00:00 SA
Thời gian mở thầu: 08/03/2024 9:00:00 SA
Đơn vị mời thầu: Bộ máy điều hành